Getting Your Office Green-Ready

Just in case you do not know yet, April 22 is Earth Day. To celebrate it, get your workplace become aware of the environment and do its share in saving our planet’s limited resources. However, there is more to environmentalism that just recycling paper or using recycling products. Here are some tips to get your office started.

Keep room temperatures right in the middle – Do not turn the air conditioning too cold or the thermostat too warm. Keep the temperature of your workplace at 68 degrees during the winter and 55 degrees at night. In that way, consumption of temperature-control appliances will not take more energy than what you need. In light with that tip, ask employees to dress more warmly during the winter or more loose during the summer.

Turn office lights off when not in use – Some offices actually turn their lights on all the time. To save energy, simply turn them off while the team attends meetings held outside the office, while at night, and over the weekends.

Recycle virtually everything – Not only you can recycle used paper products like documents and newspapers, you can also recycle electronic equipment like computers. Its components can be melted and manufactured into other products. Contact your local government on where to donate your old electronics for recycling.

Limit the use of disposable products – Lunch time and events usually has an array of disposable products like styrofoam containers and plastic utensils. Provide reusable plates and steel utensils instead.

Turn off your computer when not in use – Do not just leave the office PC and printer as you log off. Turn them off instead. If you are going out on a break, put them on energy-saving settings.

Purchase energy-efficient appliances for your office – Invest on equipment that use less energy than usual. Some of them may be more expensive, but you will actually save money on electric bills in the long run.

Do not waste food during lunches and events – Encourage your employees to take extra food home. It is a better option then throwing it away.


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